Open Foyer

Through INO’s Open Foyer Series, the company collaborates with local communities during our national tours.

Ahead of a tour, INO works with local theatres to search for a non-professional group who can produce an interesting creative response to the upcoming touring opera. INO’s outreach team then work closely with this group to support a performance or installation, presented in their local theatres’ foyer on the evening of INO’s performance. In previous tours, we’ve collaborated with youth choirs, hip-hop groups, singer songwriters and creative writing classes to name a few. All participants then receive a free ticket to the evening’s performance.

Open Foyer allows Irish National Opera to bring new creative voices from local communities into the world of opera. The project gives participants an opportunity to explore the world of opera through the lens of a creative medium they’re experienced and comfortable in. It’s also a chance for INO to learn and develop, by gaining a greater understanding of the communities we serve.