INO Future Leaders Network

A night at the opera is a great way to meet people and expand your network. Join the INO Future Leaders Network and be part of a brand-new initiative that aims to take your career to the next level.

The INO Future Leaders Network is an initiative tailored to young professionals across a variety of industries looking for an enjoyable way to expand their professional network. INO is a vibrant, dynamic company and our operas attract a broad and varied audience. We appreciate that developing a robust network is crucial to a successful career, so we have created a unique opportunity for professionals to meet and connect before an opera performance.

With this network, we want to create a space for you to connect with individuals across a range of sectors (e.g. legal, finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, medical etc), who have the potential to be your future colleagues, clients, customers or collaborators. We aim for this network to empower you to forge meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities, enhance your skill set, and broaden your perspective – all while enjoying a world-class opera performance!

This initiative is proudly supported by a partnership with Spencer Lennox. 

In association with Business to Arts.

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To sign up to this network, or if your company is interested in hosting an event for the INO Future Leaders Network, please contact us on or +353 1 6794962