• Antonio Vivaldi
  • April - June 2024
  • International Tour



Four young people, one an Olympic champion. Tangled relationships. Forbidden love, twice over. An unsuccessful assassination. An execution avoided. And a royal father who has to accept his children as they are.

INO continues its award-winning exploration of Vivaldi’s operas with the work which started the 20th-century revival of the composer's works for the stage. L’Olimpiade brims with opportunities for all seven characters, showing their personalities and feelings through arias that range from the explosive and almost instrumentally virtuosic, to the slow exploration of more tender thoughts.

Running time 2 hours 40 mins with interval.

Sung in Italian with English surtitles.

A co-production with the Royal Opera House and Nouvel Opéra Fribourg, in partnership with Irish Baroque Orchestra.

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Our performances in London and Fribourg are funded by Culture Ireland.

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“Nicklausse . . . a trouser role performed with warmth and understated lyrical ease by the mezzo-soprano Gemma Ní Bhriain.” - The Irish Times
“Alexandra Urquiola deployed her rich and capacious mezzo-soprano winningly” - San Francisco Chronicle
“it was Sarah Richmond’s performance as Lucrece that pulled things together. Her voice was bright and clear, her acting wholly convincing, not least in the Tragedia finale.” - Opera Magazine
“The emotional temperature rose when Chuma Sijeqa’s powerful Rigoletto made his entrance.” - Opera Magazine
“…with delicately floated high notes, the singing of soprano Rachel Redmond has infinite grace.” - The Independent [UK]
“Russell has a juicy baritone with a warm timbre in the middle register and an effortless top end.” - Der Opernfreund


In the kingdom of Sicyon, King Clistene fathers' twins, a son Filinto and a daughter Aristea. Upon hearing of a prophecy from the oracle of Delphi, that his death will be at the hands of his son, he abandons Filinto and leaves him to die.

Now a young woman Aristea develops a romantic attachment to Megacle, an Athenian with exceptional athletic prowess. Their relationship is forbidden by Clistene due to his disdain for Athenians, thus leaving her to flee to the island of Crete.

One day, Licida a Prince of Crete rescues Megacle from certain death and the pair develop a deep friendship, leading Megacle to feel indebted and compelled to repay her friend.

As the Olympic games draw closer, King Clistene has promised the winner his daughter Aristea’s hand in marriage. Licida having since fallen for Aristea, hatches a plan to win her affection. Megacle, wishing to honor his friend for saving his life, competes in the games disguised as Licida to gain her affection, unaware of Megacle's prior love for Aristea.

Meanwhile Argene (who is still in love with Licida) arrives in Olympia, disguised in an effort to win him back. Megacles emerges victorious from the games but can no longer keep up the false pretense having been re united with Aristea in the excitement of the events. This revelation leaves Aristea heartbroken, and Argene enraged with Licida.

Chaos ensues including reports of Licida in exile and Megacle’s death. In a final twist it's revealed that Licida is in fact Cleisthenes's long abandoned son. Amidst passionate love, heroic friendship, and unwavering loyalty, the story culminates in a resolution demonstrating the consequences of tempting fate and the complexity of human emotions.

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