• March 2022
  • Dublin

The Scorched Earth Trilogy

A new series of three street-art operas presented free to view on the walls of Trinity College Dublin.

Environmental disaster and the lack of serious climate action inspire these three works which search for answers, challenge our complacency and provoke both entertaining and uncomfortable responses. A highly original mix of street art, activism and opera creating a new urban experience accessible to all.

Please note: This is an outdoor event. The operas will be projected onto the walls of buildings in Trinity College.

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Trickle Down Economics

“As long as we don’t treat the climate crisis like a crisis, we can have as many conferences as we want, but it will just be negotiations, empty words, loopholes and greenwash.” - Greta Thunberg

Welcome to a pissing contest at Davos. Swollen by champagne and self-congratulations, a gang of suited politicians relieve themselves against a wall expounding on their successful resolutions while drawing out economic models on the wall in front of them as young boys do in fresh snow. Their liquid economic theories trickle down the wall stretching out as a toxic sea on which float the boats of refugees they have created.

Won’t Bring Back the Snow

Forced into the city by the disappearance of its natural habitat a father and daughter polar bear search through trash for something to eat. The daughter, however, has other ideas. Her follower numbers are growing - Tik Tok could be their way out of this misery. This little white ass, gonna pay for our dinner.


“There is no control and no all-powerful creator, either no more 'God' than man but there is care, scruple, cautiousness, attention, contemplation, hesitation and revival” - Bruno Latour

Inspired by the writings of philosopher Bruno Latour. A wasteland. Burnt trees. Decaying rubbish. But children still play. Revival presents a dystopian world of children forced to wear gas masks as they skip and swing. But these same children are at the heart of an ecological revolution planting seeds that grow into wondrous, colourful plants.

A co-production with Dumbworld

Presented in association with the Music Department, Trinity College


Cast & Creative Team


Doreen Curran Mezzo-soprano
Francesco Giusti Counter Tenor
Eamonn Mulhall Tenor
Owen Gilhooly Baritone
Brendan Collins Baritone
Megan O'Neill Soprano
Nicole White Actor
Maria Nilsson Waller Actor
Children's Chorus The Independent Theatre Workshop
Irish National Opera Orchestra

Creative Team

Composer Brian Irvine
Writer/Director John McIlduff
Conductor Fergus Sheil
Designer Katie Davenport
Costume Supervisor Monica Ennis
Assistant Set Design/Props Laura Fajardo
DOP/Video Design Conan McIvor
VFX Enda O’Connor


What is a Street Art Opera?

A Street Art Opera is a blend of opera, contemporary orchestral music, street art and animation projected onto walls on our city streets. In this case, the Scorched Earth Trilogy will be projected on to walls at The Berkeley Library in Trinity College, Dublin. The three short operas will be projected in three separate locations nearby to each other around the vicinity of the Berkeley Library. Audiences will start the experience at the first location and be directed to the second and third locations to watch the complete trilogy.

How do I listen to the music?

Audiences will be provided with wireless headphones to listen to the music of the opera. This will sync with the projections you will see on the walls. You will receive a separate set of headphones for each of the three street art operas - these will be provided at each location.

Are the headsets sanitised between uses?

Yes, all equipment will be fully sanitised between uses and ushers will be on hand to facilitate audiences with the headphones.

How long does the experience last?

It will take approx. 45 minutes to view the complete trilogy.

How many people will be watching the opera at once?

Audiences will view the opera in maximum groups of 25.

Will masks be required?

No, as this is an outdoor event, audience members are not required to wear masks, however you may choose to wear one if you so wish.

How do I access the event ?

Please use the Nassau St. entrance when arriving at Trinity College, Dublin and make your way to the Berkeley Library where the operas will take place. Please note that the Front Gate entrance (main entrance) will not be open.