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Karen Power


Karen Power is an Irish composer, based in Cork. Her compositions use two primary sources; acoustic instruments and everyday sound-objects/environmental soundscapes. Recent compositions have been presented as orchestral works, sound installations, string quartets, wordless opera, collaborations between sound and dance, sound and image, free + guided improvisations, solo instrumental works, duets and musical happenings.

Karen has been in receipt of global residencies such as: The Arctic Circle, The Banff Centre + Array Music, Canada, The Guesthouse, Ireland, UCDavis, California and in 2015 she received the prestigious DAAD Award, enabling residence in Berlin for 1 year. She has also been composer-in-Residence with Galway Music Residency, The Model Art Gallery + Music Generation.

Karen's work has been commissioned by RTÉ Lyric fm, Deutschland Radio Kultur, Bozzini Quartet, SCAW, Sonar Quartet, Ensemble Mosaik, ConTempo, Retro Disco, Andrew Zolinsky, Isabelle O’ Connell, Thomas Buckner, Ultraschall Festival, MikroMusik, Cork Midsummer Festival, Music Current, NMD, and others.

Karen acquired her PhD in acoustic and electroacoustic composition at SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre), Belfast, with Prof. Michael Alcorn. Karen is an active improviser, who specialises in using environmental and everyday sounds/places as catalysts for constructing new sonic spaces.

September 2020

Image credit John Godfey