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Éna Brennan


Éna Brennan is a composer, arranger, violinist and graphic designer, originally from Brussels, Belgium. Since moving to Dublin she has obtained a B.A. in Music and Drama and an MPhil in Composition from Trinity College Dublin, and collaborated with a vast array of artists, weaving in between many of the layers of the Irish music scene. Over the years she has had works performed by Dulciana Vocal Ensemble, Tonnta Vocal Ensemble, New Dublin Voices, Mornington Singers, Robinson Panoramic Quartet and Co-Orch. She has lent her violin to various theatre work including White Label's The Eurydice Project and RoughMagic's Way To Heaven. Éna's main musical outlet is her experimental solo project Dowry, with her violin and electronics at its core. She also manages Dowry Strings, a vehicle for collaboration – notable collaborators include Bell X1 and Christian Löffler. Éna has arranged strings for many musicians and has performed with them on stages all across Ireland and abroad – Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, London's Union Chapel and the Wexford Opera House to name a few. She arranged all of the strings for the 2018 edition of Imagining Ireland in the National Concert Hall and has worked in studio with many bands including Tandem Felix, Paddy Hanna, Participant, The Line and Sive.

September 2020

Image credit Stephen White