About ABL Aviation Opera Studio

Irish National Opera is committed to the professional development and engagement of Irish artists. The ABL Aviation Opera Studio is Irish National Opera’s artistic development programme.

The studio makes an annual selection of operatic talent in Ireland — singers, répétiteurs, conductors, directors, composers — and provides specially tailored training, professional mentoring and high-level professional engagements for a group of individuals whose success will be key to the future development of opera in Ireland.

Studio members will benefit from individual coaching, masterclasses and mentorship with leading Irish and international singers and musicians. Brenda Hurley, Head of Opera at the Royal Academy of Music in London, works with the members as vocal consultant mentoring singers alongside répétiteur Richard McGrath. Pia Lux and Muriel Corradini provide language coaching, working remotely with the members. The studio also continues its relationship with the Civic in Tallaght as Cultural Partners of the studio, with the Civic’s Artistic Director, Michael Barker-Caven working as Stagecraft Consultant for the programme.

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