The Audience reacts to Breathwork

Saturday, 30 September, 2023
Breathwork 3 Ensemble

Critic and audience reactions to Éna Brennan's Breathwork.

Breathwork is a companion work to a larger composition ‘Hold Your Breath’ by Éna Brennan and David Pountney which has been commissioned by Bregenzer Festspiele. It showed as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival from the 28-30 September at the Project Arts Centre.

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“...excellent design, superlative voices and superb music..” - The Arts Review - Chris O'Rourke ★★★★
“a requiem for the dying in impenetrable darkness” - The Arts Review - Chris O'Rourke ★★★★

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“a spectacular contrast between extreme intimacy of performance and the vast, global scale of its primary theme, environmental destruction.” - The Irish Times –Michael Dungan ★★★
“She generates colour and variety between the assembled forces of the singers, her electronic music, and a quartet of instruments” - The Irish Times –Michael Dungan ★★★

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“serene and beautiful... a delicate vision” - Golden Plec - Michael Lee ★★★✬
“the mood both timeless and post-religious” - Golden Plec - Michael Lee ★★★✬
“The choral style evokes more the madrigalian experiments of the 1600s than a scene of music drama, with the texture of atmosphere and sound creating a shared moment, a dreamlike sense of stillness, passing, and remembrance.” - Golden Plec - Michael Lee ★★★✬

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