INO Chorus and Studio Auditions for the 2024/25 Season

Tuesday, 6 February, 2024
Chorus and studio singer roles

Irish National Opera is delighted to announce details of auditions for the INO Company Chorus, INO Studio and Extra Chorus for 2024/25.

1. INO Company Chorus

The INO Company Chorus forms a crucial part of Irish National Opera’s artistic backbone. Its 16 members are engaged on a season-by-season basis to perform across INO’s main-scale productions. The aim of the INO Company Chorus is to provide increased predictability and stability in employment for singers as well as to build artistic and performance expertise within the company.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions in the INO Company Chorus for the 2024/25 season:

  • 2 baritone / bass positions

INO Company Chorus members will be required to perform in approximately 4 productions, equating to about 20 weeks’ work across the 2024/25 season.

Please note, success in these auditions will not preclude an application to the INO Studio. It will be possible to be a member of both the INO Company Chorus and INO Studio.

2. INO Studio (Singers)

The 2024/25 INO Studio will commence in September 2024 to provide training, mentoring and high-level professional engagements for Irish opera artists as they develop their careers.

The 2024/25 INO Studio will involve four singers and four artists from other disciplines. Successful candidates are likely to be those that have completed Masters level training and are in the early stages of their careers.

The INO Studio is only open to applicants who are either Irish or based in Ireland at the point of application. This restriction does not apply for chorus applications.

INO Studio activities for singers may include:

  • Regular vocal coaching with top Irish and international vocal coaches
  • Covers of principal roles in INO productions where appropriate
  • Masterclasses and workshops
  • Language coaching
  • Performance opportunities

More information on the INO Studio can be found here.

Artists from other disciplines (conductors and directors) will be recruited for INO Studio 2024/25 as part of a separate process. Details of this application process can be found here.

The INO Studio répétiteur position is offered through a scholarship to TUD Dublin’s MMus programme. Further information on the programme can be found here.

3. Extra Chorus

Singers are invited to audition for Irish National Opera with a view to joining the Extra Chorus, which will be recruited on an opera-by-opera basis to augment the INO Company Chorus. If you have recently auditioned for or performed with the company there is no need to re-audition, you will be considered for the work as it arises.


Audition dates:
Thursday 28 March 14:30-17:30
Friday 29 March 10:30-13:30 & 14:30-17:30

Location: Dublin City Centre

Répétiteur: Richard McGrath


  • For Company Chorus and Extra Chorus, please present two arias of contrasting style in their original languages.
  • For INO Studio please prepare 5 contrasting arias. You won’t be expected to sing them all. On the day we will ask you to sing one aria and then pick another from your list.

How to Apply

  • To apply for any or all of the opportunities listed above, please complete and upload the required documents at our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

Applications should be received by 5pm on Friday 23 February. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by Friday 1 March.

Irish National Opera welcomes and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds and ethnicities and is committed to equal opportunities, access and diversity in our recruitment process. If you foresee any additional requirements for an in-person audition for the INO Studio, do please highlight these as part of your application and we will do our best to accommodate. Such requirements will not have an impact on the success of your application.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email Please note that applications must not be submitted by email, but via the online application form linked in ‘How to Apply’ section of this webpage.