The Audience Reacts to 'Out of the Ordinary'

Wednesday, 14 September, 2022
Out Of The Ordinary Blogpost

Critic and audience reactions to the virtual reality, community opera Out of the Ordinary.

Out of the Ordinary runs from 12-25 September at the Dean Art Studios in Dublin.

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“… this is opera like you’ve never encountered it before.” - Michael Dungan - The Irish Times
“Finola Merivale composed (...) for two singers, small chamber ensemble and two amateur choirs. Its haunting power is as unforgiving as the story, a myth-like allegory of the relationship between humanity and the environment it endangers.” - Michael Dungan - The Irish Times
“The animation is beautiful, a judicious blend (...) all vivid, all fresh.” - Michael Dungan - The Irish Times

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“It is weird and wonderful to know, quite clearly, that you’re standing on a mat wearing a computer, and to feel equally clearly that you are somewhere else altogether, seeing and hearing a magical world.” - François Matarasso
“’s the music (...) that tells the story, carrying you through on its beauty and emotion. It’s the the singing (...) and the chorus of people whose lives are in the balance, that makes this ethereal world human and real.” - François Matarasso

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“the real draw is the VR animation, which works very effectively in tandem with Merivale’s music” - Adrian Smith - The Journal of Music

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