10 Reasons To Love William Tell

Tuesday, 8 November, 2022
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Leading up to the opening night of William Tell, artistic director Fergus Sheil has picked 10 of his favourite passages and takes a deeper dive into the hidden gems of Rossini's final masterpiece.

REASON #1 - The Overture

The William Tell Overture is surely one of the most well known pieces of classical music, but the famous gallop is only part of the story... In the next 10 videos, INO artistic director Fergus Sheil will bring you on a musical journey introducing 10 of his favourite passages, pointing out their musical features and explaining what makes them so special

REASON #2 - The Chorus

Are you a choir enthusiast? Well, so are we, and one thing is for sure: in #INOWilliamTell the chorus is EVERYTHING.

REASON #3 - Romance or Duty?

Tenor Arnold falls in love with soprano Mathilde from behind enemy lines and must chose between romance and duty. What could possibly go wrong

REASON #4 - Love Behind Enemy Lines

Enjoy as Máire Flavin (Mathilde) and Konu Kim (Arnold) declare their love for one another in the beautiful duet "Doux aveu! ce tendre langage" from William Tell Act II Scene 3. Accompaniment by Aoife O'Sullivan.

REASON #5 - The Rossini Crescendo

Rossini mightn't have been the inventor of the crescendo, but he sure knew how to give it a turbocharge. This episode is all about the Rossini crescendo.

REASON #6 - Bel Canto

Rossini is a master of the human voice. Today's episode is all about 'bel canto', a term which literally means 'beautifully sung'.

REASON #7 - The Crossbow Scene

Are you ready for episode 7 of #10ReasonsToLoveWilliam Tell? We've finally arrived at the critical bow and arrow moment, a scene full of tension and anxious praying. How does Rossini deal with this musically? Take a look and find out!

REASON #8 - Arnold The Warrior

Enjoy Episode 8 of 10 reasons to Love William Tell and witness Arnold, the warrior as he regains his mojo.

REASON #9 - Dance

You might wanna put your dancing shoes on for this one. One of the ways Rossini creates public spectacle in this opera is with dance! Are you ready?

REASON #10 - The Finale

We've come to the last episode of 10 Reasons to Love William Tell, which is all about the Finale! How does Rossini bring and end to the last opera he'll ever write? Take a look!

The music in these videos is provided by conductor Antonio Pappano, the choir and orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia and performers Gerald Finley, John Osborn, Malin Byström, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Elena Xanthoudakis, Frédéric Caton, Matthew Rose under exclusive licence to Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd.