The Performing Arts and Digital Technology

Monday, 17 May, 2021
Image from the opera At a Loss

Irish National Opera is hosting two online discussions, aimed at performing arts professionals, on 27 May and 10 June to explore how performing arts organisations are using digital technology in their work.

The lockdowns and physical distancing measures introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19 have had a devastating impact on the performing arts. Barely able to perform in public for almost a year, artists have had to experiment with ways of working remotely and/or using digital technologies to create and share work. Understanding how artists have adapted and thrived in spite of Covid-19 restrictions, not only provides much needed guidance for the performing arts community today but also serves to inspire new ways of working for tomorrow, embracing technology as we move forward in our practice.

But, what technologies will we take with us as we return to our ‘normal’ processes of creating art? And what are the lessons learned that will add value when we can once again create and share work in a room together? Irish National Opera hope to explore these questions in two online discussions focussed on activities of performing arts organisations during the pandemic.

These discussions will be hosted on Zoom by François Matarasso, expert in community and participatory art and Sarah Halpin, Digital Communications Manager with Irish National Opera. They are being presented as part of TRACTION, a European Union Horizon 2020 project, exploring new technologies and practices to engage communities in the creative process of opera. Each session will include a presentation of work from a number of speakers, as well as a presentation of technology being researched as part of the TRACTION project, and will invite a discussion from attendees to explore the questions raised above.

If you would like to attend these sessions or find out more information please contact for more information.