Mind the Gap: Building Digital Bridges to Community

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021
Mind The Gap

INO is proud to be a part of Mind the Gap, a new European project that aims to explore participatory work with disadvantaged communities.

Over the past few years, arts education professionals have been experimenting with new ways to design their projects for and with participants and with increasingly diverse audiences in mind. The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated this experimentation and seen a dramatic shift in how we engage with our communities. However, using digital tools for outreach and education activities is easier said than done for learning departments and freelance educators with limited resources. Many of their beneficiaries, are affected by the “digital divide”, or inequality of access to digital tools and resources, further limiting access to participation.

The Mind the Gap programme will work with a number of partners across Europe to explore methodologies for working digitally with disadvantaged communities. The project will offer training, case studies, online tools and a study of how arts workers, educators and teaching artists can support communities affected by the digital gap.

Studio and Outreach Producer, James Bingham, had this to say about the project. “I’m absolutely delighted that Irish National Opera is now part of its second European project. International partnerships with such world class colleagues, such as those we are working with on Mind the Gap, are invaluable to the development of quality outreach practice in Ireland. Whilst the global pandemic may not be with us forever, digital technology certainly will be. Developing the skills of facilitators to maximise the use of these digital tools has the possibility to lead to really creative and more inclusive outreach projects in the future.”

Our partners in this project are Reseo (Beligium), Garsington Opera (UK), Les Clés de l’écoute (France), Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway) and

Materahub (Italy) and the project will run until February 2023. Mind the Gap is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission