In Conversation With...Eva-Maria Westbroek

Tuesday, 2 February, 2021
Eva Maria Westbroek

Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek has appeared in some of the most prestigious opera houses in the world from Bayreuth, to Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to the Metropolitan Opera, and was kind enough to spend an afternoon sharing thoughts on her career and life as an artist with the ABL Aviation Opera Studio artists. Soprano Rachel Goode shares a bit of what they spoke about.

My first thoughts on the session we had was with the fabulous Soprano Eva Westbroek were how honest and real Eva was, I loved that about her.

The meeting was engaging from start to finish as Eva spoke truly openly about her career and her thoughts. As singers we seem to be our own worst critics and I know many of us can fall into the trap of taking negative comments and constructive criticism to heart, which can really affect us as singers. Eva spoke a lot about this and how everyone will have an opinion, but that nothing anyone says to you is important. You are the one that knows yourself the best and you have to learn to trust yourself.

In the opera industry there is much talk of the fach system, and many singers get put into a box depending on their voice type. Eva spoke about not letting this happen and that branding yourself in this way, can be the wrong approach. Explore repertoire, sing what you want to sing and what you love to sing because at the end of the day, it is all about the love. Life experience, spending time at home with friends and family and having a social life were some things Eva mentioned as being very important and extremely valuable to ground oneself and give yourself a chance to learn both in life and in music.

A big thing that stuck with me from this meeting was the importance of not trying impress anyone or fit a mould. The importance of having fun, finding a connection to your joy and happiness and letting go of negative thoughts. Radiate light and don’t ask for people to love you. This was such a fantastic and inspiring session, Eva was so honest and these were all the kind of things I needed to hear as I move forward in my career.

Top tips and takeaways

  1. Don’t try to impress anyone or fit into a mould
  2. 90% of singing is mental
  3. Everyone will have an opinion, but nothing people say to you is important, you know you and you need to trust yourself
  4. Radiate light and don’t ask for people to love you
  5. Never be put in a box