Friday Opera Explorer

Friday, 23 April, 2021
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Escape for free with Irish singers to Italy, Germany, France and Russia and meet Irish composers working with INO in our Friday Opera Explorer Series. 5 weekly programmes featuring arias by composers INO will present in future seasons. Broadcasting via Facebook and You Tube every Friday from from 30 April to 28 May at 5pm.

Friday Opera Explorer brings together a wide selection of arias from the historic opera repertoire and five interviews with Irish composers who are creating the repertoire of today and tomorrow.

Irish National Opera presents ten leading singers appearing across five weeks in a newly-recorded online concert series. Thirty arias will be presented during the series encompassing a range of different operatic styles. Each aria is from a composer that has not yet featured in Irish National Opera’s programme, although many of the operas will appear in future seasons. The five weekly concerts will have an individual focus allowing audiences to explore different areas of opera. There’s Bellini’s unending melody, Donizetti’s vocal fireworks, Wagner’s epic scale, Beethoven’s passion and fire, Massenet’s full-hearted intensity, Tchaikovsky’s depth and Richard Strauss’ ability to capture the full world’s emotion in a single moment.

The series will also feature interviews with five Irish composers — Gerald Barry, Emma O' Halloran, Finola Merivale, Jennifer Walshe and Amanda Feery who INO have worked with on previous productions and will feature in future seasons.

This series takes audiences on a journey offering glimpses into future INO productions and showcases the stars of today and the future. All presented in a relaxed and informal context, with introductions giving the background to each aria and subtitles translating the sung text.

Tune in for free via Facebook and You Tube each Friday from 30 April to 28 May at 5pm.

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