Cara O'Sullivan

Tuesday, 26 January, 2021
Cara O'Sullivan

A message from our Artistic Director, Fergus Sheil.

The untimely passing of soprano Cara O’Sullivan today (26 January) has robbed Ireland of one of its greatest operatic talents. Cara possessed a voice of pure beauty. She had virtuosic skills and when she unleashed her vocal fireworks, she made time stand still.

Cara’s voice had a liquidity and flexibility that could tackle some of the most demanding and glistening soprano repertoire. But her voice was only part of the attraction. Cara had a warmth to her personality that never failed to draw in audiences. She knew how to command attention, she strode onto the stage as though it were her own kingdom and she fed off the audience’s rapt responses.

Cara was a perfectionist. She was as demanding of herself as she was of all those around her. She commanded huge respect within the world of opera professionals. Cara enjoyed a successful career, but never took it for granted. She worked hard, prepared meticulously and continually sought to develop herself. Her reward was the adulation her fans offered her.

Her career and her life were cut short by the early onset of dementia. In the midst of this devastating news, her friends in the opera world and her fans mourn her loss, but we will also take a moment to celebrate the huge joy that her life brought.