The Magic Flute Bachtrack Review

Thursday, 23 May, 2019
Mf 1640

An enjoyable Magic Flute from Irish National Opera

Written by Andrew Larkin

In a world of wacky opera plots, surely Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte takes the biscuit? Granted it’s one of his most beloved operas, and true, it does brim with fun characters, divine melodies and two fiendishly difficult arias, but none of that negates the fact that it possesses a decidedly silly plot. For where else would the most vacillating of heroes end up with a brainless bird-catcher to rescue his damsel in distress? Said lady has been abducted by a tyrannical Freemason because he disapproves of her mother, a vengeful queen who, not unreasonably, wants to murder her daughter’s captor but instead of doing it herself curses her daughter to do so...

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On stage at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, until 24 May. Full details of performances can be found here.