Getting To Know Verdi’s Aida

Wednesday, 31 October, 2018

Verdi’s Aida is one of the grandest of grand operas and one of the stand out greats of the romantic operatic repertoire. A firm favourite amongst opera audiences right from the start, Aida receives multiple performances every year, the world over. In fact, The Metropolitan Opera alone has produced over 1,100 performances of the opera since 1886. With productions on every point of the spectrum, from more reserved to ostentatiously extravagant, one thing’s for sure, a production of Aida is a chance for an opera company to really shine.

The opera’s Egyptian setting comes as the result of its commission for Cairo's Khedivial Opera House, where it was premiered on Christmas Eve, 1871. Verdi did not attend the premiere and was unhappy with the fact that the audience consisted mainly of dignitaries and invited officials. For this reason, he considered the Italian premiere at La Scala a year later, where the general public finally got to see his work, the true premiere.

The opera follows our two lovers, Aida and Radamès, on opposite sides of warring countries as they struggle to reconcile their desire for each other with their duty to their people. Aida, captured by the army of which Radamès is a general, has fallen for the brave soldier and he in turn, returns her love. As is usual in opera, love is never simple and the two must overcome, jealousy, betrayal, manipulation and more in their quest to find happiness. The King’s daughter, Amneris, threatens to come between them, while Aida’s own father, Amonasro, forces her to choose between her country and her love. What will become of our two lovers and the countries they both hold so dear?

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Verdi’s Aida has been performed countless times since its premiere and there is a wealth of recordings available to help you get to know Verdi’s music. Check out our playlist below to hear what you can expect from this masterpiece.

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