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Javier Ferer

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Orfeo ed Euridice


Javier began his physical training starting in martial arts through which he became interested in how his body responds to movement in space. He began his professional career in Madrid, in the Mariemma Royal Professional Dance Conservatory, where he danced in the choreographic projects of the conservatory in parallel with his dance studies. Also in Madrid he joined the cast of companies such as 10y10 Danza, with the choreographer Mónica Runde, and Provisional Danza, under the direction of the choreographer Carmen Werner, with whom he carried out numerous projects over six years with national and international tours. He then trained as an interpreter, working for two years in the Canary Islands in the pedagogical and choreographic project of the company Tenerife Danza Lab, directed by Helena Berthelius. He taught dance workshops to various social groups and continued his career as a dancer with different projects with the companies Factoría L’explose in Bogotá, The White Horses in Berlin, with Faizal Zeghoudi in Paris, Anderplatz Dance Collective in Berlin, with the choreographer Sharmini Tharmaratnam in Madrid.

He has choreographed numerous projects, always focusing on improvisation as a starting point and means of development. He is currently part of two dance collectives in the city of Berlin, where he works with a wide range of dancers, musicians and video artists.